Canoe Rental
Canoes are $50 each per 2-day weekend, $20 each additional day.
There are 6 canoes available to rent.

- Canoes must be returned to the rack and individually locked at the end of the rental period.
- If canoes are required for longer than the original rental period, the renter is responsible to contact Camp
management (leaving a message is okay) and notify them of the change and to pay the additional rental charge.
Groups found using canoes beyond the agreed period, without contacting Camp management, will be charged 2x
the rental fee and could be banned from using Camp Endobanah.
- Report all damage to Camp management. Renters are responsible for all costs to repair damages or replace lost
- An appropriate lifejacket must be worn while canoeing.
- Renters use the canoes at their own risk and are responsible for using the canoes in a safe manner and to be
familiar with, and obey all, provincial boating laws and regulations.
- Do not drag canoes over rocks, shore or docks. Do not ram docks.

- 1 approved and properly sized lifejacket (yellow, red or orange) or PFD (personal floatation device) for each
person on board
- 1 buoyant heaving line 15 meters in length
- 1 manual propelling device OR an anchor with 15 m (50') of cable, rope or chain
- 1 hand-bailer OR manual pump with enough hose to pump water overboard
- Sound signaling device such as a horn or whistle
- Navigation lights must comply with Collision Regulations [Not required unless operated at night
or in restricted visibility.]