The camp is operated on a non-profit basis. Rental rates for the camp are determined annually in
order to cover the costs of utilities, insurance, garbage pickup, snow plowing and maintenance.

Please refer to the "Contact Us" section to inquire about rental rates and availability.

Once a group has rented the camp, our policy is to offer them the first right of refusal for that
same time period indefinately. Unfortunately conflicts due to shifting of dates with the calendar
can occur and we can not always maintain the exact time period year-to-year but we try to
maintain consistancy. If a group elects not to use their rental period they have two options:
provide a deposit. This guarantees them first-right to that period the following year. The
deposit will be returned if we can rent the period to a group on a one-time basis.
not provide a deposit. If the camp rents to another group, that group has first-right for that
period the following year.

A 50% deposit is required at time of booking. This deposit is non-refundable.
If you must cancel your camp you do have the option of renting an alternate weekend
depending on availability. Refundable balances are due 4 weeks before camp.
All rent cheques should be made payable to "Camp Endobanah".